Hi I’m Suwanna, designer at ST Creative Design. I started off my career in banking, finance, programming and analysis. Always using my right brain! The inspiration of wanting to design and create a WOW web site led me take an intensive online design course. NOW, my left brain is firing!! ….

I love to work with my clients to create beautiful and functional websites. My creative process is based on collaboration and focusing on your needs.

Please check out my Portfolio. If you think I can help you in your design and website needs, then please get in touch.

Creative Services

  • website design & development (Wordpress)
  • website maintenance
  • logo designs
  • layout and publications

My Clients


web design development


logo designs


A contemporary logo for an environmental services. A logo that is modern and reflects environmental and sustainability qualities. It communicate works of the company that provide environmental and cleaning services and the vibe of young people that are staff members.


The primary message of this logo is organics, fresh and fun. This design would like to attract kids and parents, so colourful, and playful logo is the aim for this design. Since it is an organic yoghurt the design with a natural look is another part of this concept as well.


This assignment was prepared for the Compost Buddy website and logo. It inspired by the Yin and yang philosophy that nature is interconnected and interdependent. Organic shape reflects the asymmetrical of soils.

layout & publications


These flyers have been designed for a few organisations to promote a new forum and workshop. The objective of these designs are to create outstanding flyers that help organisations to receive attention from their audience. The magazine design is inspired by Swiss Style that used of asymmetric layouts and san serif typefaces.



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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery